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Residential Painting

We are available for residential painting in Thornhill, Ontario, and ready to serve! We just need to hear from you and get into some details about your project. Is this a big project that would involve the exterior and the interior of your residence in Thornhill? Do you just want the exterior of the house painted? Or just interior painting? Then again, you may want some parts of the house painted, like the kitchen cabinets or the bathroom or the living room.

Painters Thornhill is at your service. We are at your service for all jobs – anything you want, at any local residence – from a small apartment to a large condo and a private family house. What’s your case?

Make a residential painting Thornhill inquiry

Residential Painting Thornhill

As you can already tell, you can trust us with all residential painting Thornhill services. At any local residence. Our service to you starts the moment you make contact with us. But at this point, you have no obligation toward our team. And so, if you want to make an inquiry, go right ahead. Our job is to discover what you need and many more details about your project so that we can offer consultation and a free estimate.

Tasks often included in residential painting services

As we do with all residential painting services, we start off by sending a pro to check your property and make a note of all things that must be done. The important thing is that we are experienced with all materials, updated with the novel painting techniques, and focused on the good preparation of all surfaces. And so, the painting service goes beyond the final coatings and includes all sorts of repairs and tasks that would improve the interior and exterior of your home.

  •          Fixing drywall, patching holes, and taking care of damage
  •          Removing wallpaper and popcorn ceiling
  •          Installing wallpaper and stone walls
  •          Caulking, sanding, cleaning, repairing
  •          Deck and fence painting
  •          Painting basements, cabinets, doors, walls, ceilings, floors

The exterior and interior painters to trust

With an experienced residential painting contractor paying attention to all details from the start and supervising the whole project until the very end, the results are astonishing. We like to assure you that the home painters are experienced with all materials and know how to prep and finish them. Only quality paints are used. Paints ideal for moisture resistance, if needed. Paint coatings to your liking – anything from glossy and matte to satin.

The painters thoroughly address all flaws, ensuring that the surfaces are well-prepped for the primer and paint. They come out well-equipped and leave no mess behind. Do you want a job done fast, in one day? Do you actually want just the basement painted? Never give it a thought. If you need at any part of Thornhill residential painting service, just make contact with our team and let the experts take over. Should we have our first chat?