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Fence Painting

Adding charm and years to the fence’s lifespan is easy. You just need to contact our team and schedule fence painting. Thornhill residents can trust our company with this vital project and be sure their fence is thoroughly prepped and finished.

Depending on the situation and the customer’s personal preferences, fences can be painted, stained, or repainted. By assigning the job to Painters Thornhill, you can be certain that the needed job is accurately done from start to finish. Should we give you an idea?

Let’s talk about your fence painting Thornhill needs

Fence Painting Thornhill

To get started, we first need to receive your phone call or message saying that you are interested in inquiring about fence painting in Thornhill, Ontario. We can discuss this project of yours and, if you wish, make an appointment with a local painting contractor. The intention of this meeting is to see what’s needed in regard to the fence – is this a big fence? Is it a wooden fence? Is the fence in good shape or not? Then, we need to talk about colors, finish choices, costs, timeframes, and all things involved in the project. By having such information, you can decide easier. And we will know how to advise you. And if you decide to entrust the job to us, the painter will come out fully prepared.

Need wood fence painting?

Our expertise in all materials allows us to handle all painting jobs regardless of the fence’s material. If you want wood fence painting, be also sure of our experience with all timbers. This helps how, you may ask. Our knowledge along with our commitment ensures the suitability of the paint coatings and the way the fence is prepped and finished. Different materials need a different prep process and the appropriate paint coatings. If not, the job won’t be done right and won’t last for a long time.

Experienced Thornhill painters finish fences as per your request

Depending on the material, we offer fence finishing solutions. You also get color ideas to match your home style. Naturally, you can book fence painting, staining, and repainting. Anything needed. After all, not all fences are the same and not all people like the same things.

  •          Fences are prepped and painted when they lose their edge or the natural color fades. It’s best to have the fence painted before it cracks or rots.
  •          If the fence is painted already, the paint may be chipping off. No worries. The prep phase involves scraping, cleaning, and sanding. The painters make the surface smooth and remove old paint, dust, and dirt to ensure the primers and finishing coatings adhere well.
  •          If you like the fence as is and just need to protect it, it can be stained.

Should we now talk about your fence, the finishing choices, color options, costs, and all things that will interest you? Go ahead and contact our team. Thornhill fence painting contractors stand right here and are ready to offer solutions and quotes.