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Crown Molding & Trim Painting Thornhill

Feel free to contact our team if you are interested in crown molding and trim painting in Thornhill, Ontario. If you consider that your interior trims could use a fresh color or want to refresh the rooms with a new molding color, let us know. Would you like the exterior trims painted? Is your intention to make all rooms look higher by changing the trim and crown molding paint color?

Painters Thornhill is at your service. We know all about moldings – all types of trims designed for interiors and outdoor applications. When you put your trust in our hands, you can be sure that you assign the job to a team with experience in painting trims and crown moldings.

In Thornhill crown molding and trim painting

Whether or not you intend to book full crown molding and trim painting, Thornhill’s most experienced team is at your service. You will be happy to know that we take over all projects.

  •          Want just one room’s trims and crown painted?
  •          Need to have the exterior trims painted?
  •          Interested in booking a painting job for all crown moldings and trims in your house?
  •          Want the doors and windows painted along with the trims?

Trims vary. There are baseboards, picture rails, chair rails, door and window casings, and other forms of trims. And then, there’s the crown molding that stands at the point where the wall and the ceiling meet. Crowns ofter feature over kitchen cabinets to offer continuity and erase the gap created over the cabinetry. Crown and trim styles vary as much as their material and size. Some are large, some are narrow, some have intricate designs, some are plain. And so, painting trims and crown molding is hardly easy. That’s why you need expert painters for the job and our team is exactly what you are looking to find.

Need crown molding painting? Baseboard painting? All trims painted?

As we mentioned already, you can turn to our company for a job on all trims or for a specific painting service, like:

  •         Crown molding painting
  •          Baseboard painting
  •          Chair rail and wainscoting painting
  •          Trim and door painting
  •         Windows and trim painting
  •         Crown and kitchen cabinets painting

We like to assure you that all moldings are prepped as required per material and also painted accordingly. When we first send a contractor to provide color solutions and consultation, they also offer ideas for coatings depending on the material of the trims. They check the condition and material of the trims too – to make sure the right paint is used and the needed prep work is done correctly.

Experienced with crown molding and trim painting services, the pros handle each job to perfection. They properly prep the trims and crowns to address all imperfections and make their surface clean and smooth – as demanded, for the painting process.

What do you want to do at this point? Do you want the interior painted along with the trims and crowns? Just the trims painted? For all in Thornhill crown molding and trim painting services, reach us for a free estimate, booking, and any information.