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Basement Painting

Yes, your basement can become the bright, inviting, and gorgeous space you long to have. If you intend to book basement painting in Thornhill, Ontario, to transform the space, trust the experts.

Yes, at Painters Thornhill, we have experience with such projects. We have experience in the painting business, overall, of course. Now, the tricky part with the basement is this:

  • a.       One main goal is to make the basement bright since it doesn’t get much natural light. Hence, the trick is to use the right colors – and color combinations – to make it breathtaking.
  • b.       Another main consideration is the basement humidity. The challenge is to prep in a way that will fight moisture and then paint to prevent moisture to set in – one thing that would compromise the healthy environment and make the paint crack.

With professional basement painters, who know how to overcome such challenges, the results are great and long-lasting.

How to get started with basement painting in Thornhill

Basement Painting Thornhill

If you like to know in detail the process of basement painting, Thornhill contractors are ready to serve. After all, one of the first things we do, once you say that you want the basement painted, is to send a pro to your place. The intention is to know more about the basement – what must be painted, the materials, the overall condition, your needs, and similar factors. Based on all such things, the appointed pros offer consultation and costs. Since this doesn’t cost anything and it’s a great opportunity to find out more about the painting service process and all things involved in the job, contact us. Book a free basement painting estimate and consultation today.

Before painting basement walls, staircase, and ceiling, the pros prep

The basement painter preps and finishes all parts as required. We only assume that you want all parts of the basement painted – walls, staircase, ceiling, columns, trims, and often the floor too. There’s often a request to paint unfinished basements. In such cases, concrete basement floors are painted and the whole space is transformed. In other cases, customers just need the basement color refreshed and the staircase stained instead of painted. The possible finishing combinations and choices are plenty. The good news is that we have experience in such painting jobs and are also ready to provide great ideas and solutions.

Experienced basement painters at your service

The surfaces are cleaned, fixed, and sanded first. The painters focus on this first phase of preparation since this is the time to address blemishes, often caused by moisture, and create surfaces smooth enough to be finished. All paints are suitable not only for the material in question but also for basements. They are moisture- and mold-resistant and, therefore, can properly protect apart from making the basement healthy and elegant.

Have your basement walls, columns, ceiling, staircase, and all parts painted in a correct manner for a long span and a mold-free space. Talk to the experts. Turn to our team to schedule an appointment to learn details about Thornhill basement painting services and get a free quotation for your home.